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One of the great masters of Italian design, self-taught, which has an intense project activities began in 1958. Rodolfo Bonetto has designed hundreds of products in many sectors of industrial production by always focusing on the project of form innovation respecting the end user.

The debut with the first car sketches for coachbuilders 50s Viotti, Vignale, Boneschi and others, have been the springboard to a profession little known in those years, later collaborations with Veglia Borletti and then Olivetti led Bonetto to embark on a successful industrial designer profession.

Bonetto also stood out in the promotion and diffusion of Italian design culture through the teaching at the ISIA in Rome and at the Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Ulm. He has held the prestigious position of Chairman of ADI (Industrial Design Association) and ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design). The eight Compasso d’Oro.di were conferred whose last professional career.


Established in 1991 by Marco Bonetto, the ‘Targa Rodolfo Bonetto’ he is dedicated to his father Rodolfo Bonetto (1929-1991), one of the great masters of Italian design.
The award comes as part of the exhibition “Smau” Rodolfo Bonetto for many years has served as president of the prestigious Industrial Design Award, then the “Targa” has shifted during Seatec, the nautical fair, expanding the thematic project of competitors.
As of 2013 Marco Bonetto decides to totally autonomous make the prize even taking charge of the organizational part through Design Center, a deliberate decision not only to further expand the themes of the project but also giving a boost to the concept of innovation.
The Targa Rodolfo Bonetto is a stage for students of universities and schools of design and architecture in which not only have the chance to compete to win the prestigious Targa, but also the possibility of a high outward visibility through their projects.
The initial choice of Marco Bonetto set up this award only for students was dictated by the great attention that Rodolfo had to teaching and to the young, the same attention that Mark has today through educational activities.

Rodolfo Bonetto


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Established in 1991 by Marco in memory of his father Rodolfo Bonetto, one of the great masters of Italian design, the ‘Targa Rodolfo Bonetto’ wants to reflect the thinking of this great designer who during his professional career he wanted not only to create design innovation but also an innovation of the concept linked to industrial production.

Says Marco Bonetto:

“The progress of technological innovation can not be separated from the design, intended as a synthesis element between the man and the instrument.
More and more it evolved and intelligent design that manages to generate extraordinarily surprising market scenarios, a design that manages to become a determining factor in the design side interest “.

In this sense, the theme of the competition has taken the following wording:

“Realization of an innovative concept design that expresses the author’s personal satisfaction, surprise the users for its particular use, without any limit against the design language.”

Targa Rodolfo Bonetto wants to be a privileged stage where young designers can bring out their creative and design skills.
Self-taught, Rodolfo Bonetto has made an essential contribution to the teaching of Industrial Design. Professor at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm, and ISIA of Rome, member and president of ADI and the ICSID, received eight Golden Compass. Numerous products designed by him, more than 900, in multiple sectors.

The design is like a butterfly in his hands, he used to often repeat Rodolfo, if you hold too dies, if you let it go it flies away


The Targa Rodolfo Bonetto renewed engagement in the issues of competition, placing today, deliberately, in the foreground the concept, not the series of products and related assumptions of technology. Promoted the formulation of projects that best represent the desire for fulfillment of the individual or team authors. Chè as noted Hans Magnus Enzensberger, German poet and philosopher:
“Our perceptual and cognitive decline, hammers as they are by any information; grow only when we only see, hear, feel and know only what we want.”
We are moving towards new forms of thought and action, to new cultural and operational forms, we live in a new environment, where the interpretive keys and language. The project centrality becomes necessary to change to find a sensitivity and a search that leads to happiness of ‘individual. The design that should help to make life more beautiful, more useful by creating emotions and sogni.Il design as production of individual happiness as the highest good and the community.
Here’s how the competition aims to give rise to a new current of thought, that of a new-found happiness in acting, the ability to counter the pragmatism, the drift of design oblivious to human scale.


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