22° edition TARGA RODOLFO BONETTO 2017

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Design Center srl, represented by Marco Bonetto, organizer and chairman of the prize ‘Targa Rodolfo Bonetto’, open to students of universities and design schools around the world, is pleased to announce the 22nd edition of the Prize.
Established in 1991 by Marco in memory of his father Rodolfo Bonetto, one of the great masters of Italian design, the ‘Targa Rodolfo Bonetto’ wants to reflect the thinking of this great designer who during his professional career he wanted not only to create design innovation but also an innovation of the concept linked to industrial production.
Says Marco Bonetto: “The technological advancement of the assumption, since for its silent nature, can not be separated from design, intended as an element of synthesis of man and the instrument.”
More and more it evolved and intelligent design that manages to generate extraordinarily surprising market scenarios, a design that manages to become a determining factor in the design side of interest.
Self-taught, Rodolfo Bonetto has made an essential contribution to the teaching of Industrial Design.
Professor at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm, and ISIA of Rome, member and president of ADI and the ICSID, received eight Golden Compass.
“Design is like a butterfly in his hands, he used to often repeat Rodolfo, if you hold too dies, if you let it go it flies away.”
The prize in its content and in the type of products will always be closer to the professional role of Rodolfo Bonetto. “The young people experimenting interests me very much, because they create new ideas that have great influence on the lifestyle and design” (Rodolfo Bonetto).

The Targa Bonetto, deliberately puts, in the foreground the concept, not the series of products and related technological assumptions.
By promoting the formulation of projects that best represent the desire for fulfillment of the individual or team of authors. That, as noted Hans Magnus Enzensberger, German poet and philosopher: “Our perceptual and cognitive decline, hammers as they are by any information; grow
only when we only see, hear, feel and know only what we want. ” Here’s how the competition aims to give rise to a new current of thought, that of a new-found happiness in acting, the ability to counter the pragmatism, the drift of design oblivious to human scale. The invitation is open to young design students, that they will prove, in making conceptual, of their peculiar subjective intention.

Realization of a project of innovative design concept that expresses the author’s personal satisfaction.
A concept that surprises users for its specific use, no limit towards the design language, feel free to express themselves in an unconventional way.


– Traveling
– residential
– Working
– Free time
– Music (instruments)



The free participation in the competition through the delivery of projects constitutes acceptance without reservation against any of the rules contained in the announcement and the lack of compliance with the established in it automatically disqualifies.

Participation is free.

The participating projects must be received by June 30, 2017
accompanied by the form ( “Coupon contest entry”) filled out in its entirety on the website,
The projects and the application form can be loaded directly on site, after registration and according to the procedures set out or sent to email We also Transfer.
In order to ensure the anonymity of the participants during the selection of the jury, the projects will be presented anonymously, without the student’s name and school / college. This operation will be carried out by the Secretariat of the prize.

The project tables (minimum two up to four), unnamed student and / or school, A3 300dpi jpeg format, 5MB max, + a word file of the project report and related data of the participant.
All material received will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality and in no case handed over to a third party, ie anyone who is not part of the jury or of ‘organizer

The jury, chaired by Marco Bonetto will consist of eminent professionals whose names will be announced on the website from October 2016.
A decision of the Jury, will award three prizes according to the following ranking:

1st place Targa + certificate + Award
2nd place Targa + certificate + Award
3rd Prize Targa + certificate +
The jury also reserves the right to award special mentions to deserving projects or schools that are characterized by a high participation and quality of work.
The official award ceremony with its announcement of the winners, and the relative importance of all participating projects, will take place in Milan in June 2017, with the date and place that will be communicated exposure.
The author of the project is to all effects owner of rights of use. If a candidate wishes to protect his work by applying for a copyright or patent registration, you may do so before the project presentation.
The organizer reserves the right to publish the work in magazines, publications and other information media to promote the ‘Targa Rodolfo Bonetto’.
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